Saturday, 14 March 2015

My New Breakfast Obsession: Oat

When I was growing up, Oat was a breakfast option I never liked. In fact, I despised it, but my mother made us take it. About a few years ago, I became more conscious of what I ate and oats became an option I started to consider. Now I am not saying that I "fell in like" with it, far from it, I still dreaded mornings I planned it as a breakfast option. I just took it because it was healthy for me, high in fiber and I could take it with left over fruits. To be honest, I end up trashing it because it goes stale in my pantry.

However, the story has changed now. I discovered oat flour and my mornings with an oat breakfast is something I look forward to now.

What is Oat Flour?
Oats can be further processed into coarse powder. It becomes Oat Flour.

How I Make Oats Flour

- Whole grain Oat (preferably organic ones, but any one will still do the job)

Time: Less than 3 Minutes

Equipment Needed
- Blender (dry food blender) or Food processor (I prefer a blender because it was faster than my food processor)

- Put as much oats as you need into the blender. I will advise that the oats are higher than the blender's blades. This enables the blender to blend the content better.
- Blend the oats until it becomes fine.
- Store in an air tight dry food container until ready for use.

- Close to a flour consistency, just a bit coarser

Tips: Most Blenders can get the job done. I use my wet food blender too. If using a wet food blender, You might need a spatula to stir the content every now and then when it's blending. Blend for like 20 seconds first, then stir the oats, blend for 10 seconds again and keep repeating until you get your desired result.

My oat flour is used in everything from breakfast meal to pancakes. Recipes of how I use it is coming soon in other posts.