Sunday, 18 August 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and My Business

A clean and healthy business (vagina) should be almost free of that fishy-odor (excluding those odd times you cannot help). While it is normal for the business to have a natural body smell, achieving a stink-free business is not always as easy as ABC. To a large extent, many factors that we sometimes are not aware of can contribute to that fishy or annoying smell that ladies dread. Some of the factors I have come to realize over the years that make the business stink are;

Diet – You are what you eat. Nasty or junk foods produce nasty and junk results. Proper and healthy food choices will go a long way to helping you reduce a fishy business. An over-all balance as to what you eat should be a priority, recommended foods for a rosier smelling business are pineapples, apples, yogurts, watermelons, grapes (red), mints and lots of water.

Soaps / Washes / Douches – I can personally attest to this factor. A consistent use of fragrant soaps and washes over the years left me with a yeast infection. Yeast infection occurs when there is a disruption of the healthy balance of natural yeast and bacteria in the vagina. An imbalance causes an overgrowth of yeast and too much yeast leads to itching, burning, soreness, discharges and others. After I treated this infection, I thought using a commercial sold douche will be better but it only made things just as bad. I had to swap to plain old water only. Although, I have read in a couple of places that mild or soap-free soaps and washes are better, I will advise that we just stay clear of them all. These include powders, feminine sprays or any sprays, perfumes, deodorant tampons, fragrant pads and fragrant party-liners.

Tight Clothing – Living in a hot and humid climate region of the world, I know for a fact that wearing skinny jeans for long hours on an active day leaves my business very moist, sweaty and yucky. I always advise ladies to take some days off the tight clothing on the bottom and opt for freer clothing down. Also, going to bed bare (i.e. no underwear) is great ways to allow your business to breathe well at night.

Other Health Problems – Such as diabetes, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Cancer of the cervix or vagina, Vaginitis and many others. Hmm… all I can say is for you to check with your doctor for more advice.

There are other factors I haven’t mentioned in this post as this post has more to offer. Just keep reading

For over six years now, I have always known vinegar was good for washing the business. I didn't know how ‘very good’ it was until I gave it a try last month. After about two weeks of using it as a douche, I am so pissed with myself for haven’t tried it all these years.

This is how I use ACV to handle my business.
The things required are

  • 1 liter water
  • 4 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • Bath Bowl

I use the Heinz brand for my business because Bragg's price is on the higher side. I drink the Bragg's brand every now and then.

I use this every two days during my evening bath time. I use plain old water in the morning and other evening.

What Have I Observed?
My business feels so far clearer than I ever thought possible. I have close to no odor at all these past weeks. I am so pleased with the result that I am tempted to wear my panties a second time because it is so clean and odor-free.

I haven’t tried the white vinegar or red vinegar but I intend to give them a try when I run out of ACV to see if I get the same results.

The benefits of using ACV for your business

  • Keeps the vagina clean and stink-free
  • Continual use can cure yeast infections
  • Balances the PH of the vagina
  • It does not drain your pocket (any vinegar should be fine). No one needs to break the bank for an expensive vinegar. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Balanced Diet VS Dieting

It baffles me when a balanced diet keeps being mistaken for dieting. When I was in primary school, I was taught all the classification of food, what a balanced diet meant and why we should have a bit of everything.  Now every magazine and newspaper I flip is always stating how a celebrity got their body through dieting, reading closer I find that all they did was sticking to a balanced diet (in most cases, exempting those other or ridiculous extreme diet plans). This makes me question people’s view of dieting. You are either on a balanced/good diet or an unbalanced/bad diet. A balanced diet is not dieting, it’s just eating right, and the way Mother Nature created you to eat. Also, not over-indulging or over-eating shouldn't be mistaken for dieting. 

At parties or gatherings (in Naija especially), I find it irritating when I turn down food I am offered food again after just being done with one and I hear ''She is dieting''. Thanks for the food offer again, I appreciate your act of kindness but No!! I am not dieting, it's just common sense to not eat more than your body needs. If you have a balanced dieted, you will not need to start dieting. I can’t over-emphasize the fact that a healthy diet should be a way of life and not a trend. Everything in life needs moderation and balance to properly work, eating is no exception. Eat well,  Drink lots of water, Keep moving, Get busy, Sleep well, Love well, Laugh well and Give. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Homemade Black Tea Hair Spray

After big chopping (BC) my hair, the first couple of months that followed, I experienced little to no shedding/breakage. In fact, not intending to exaggerate, I comb and manipulate my hair a lot and still have no hair loss at all. I never understood why many naturals complained of shedding and breakage. I automatically assumed that I was blessed with hair genes that didn't allow for shedding and breakage. 

Fast forward six month later, I am on the Internet surfing for ways to reduce hair shedding. It is not problematically bad but it is enough to get one of my eye raised up. In the first three months of my natural hair journey, I always incorporated green or black tea into my wash day hair regime, although then I didn't really know its uses. I just did it because the naturals of the blogs I read did it. I stopped doing it because I wanted to try other things and later reduce the must-dos on my wash day regime. 

When I read the amazing benefits of black and green tea here, I decided to use the black tea spray to reduce my shedding rate without increasing my time spent on wash days. I prefer black tea because I like the stain it will leave on my hair. I am a sucker of jet or dark black hair.

What I Use
- A spray bottle
- A bag of black tea
- 50 ml boiled water
- Essential oil of your choice (I use about four drops of rosemary essential oil)

I brew my black tea in 50 ml of water for about 10 minutes. I prefer it concentrated since I am not spraying my hair wet or damp. I can use this mixture for about four to five days but I use it for only three days. I use essential oils to preserve it and still put it in the fridge everyday (just to make sure bacteria doesn't take it cause). There are various ways in which I spray my black tea mix. 

Method 1 - On the first day of making it, I put the very warm tea in my spray bottle and add about four drops of my rosemary essential oil. I spray this warm mixture on my dry 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th day wash and go hair depending on the day I make it. Note that: I don't use this on my wash or co-wash day. I mist my hair every other day to fluff n go and/or to give it moisture before I seal with my oil, cream or butter of my choice.

Method 2 - On the second day of using the already cool mixture. I first use a cream or moisturizer of choice before I take a shower and allow the steam to open my hair cuticle. Then I spray my cold black tea to close it up. 

Method 3 - For all the black or green tea drinkers out there. Ignore all I have said above. Whenever you make yourself a great cup of tea, take three teaspoons or more and put in your spray bottle. Spray your hair with it and seal with oil or cream of choice. This is by far the easiest method if you are into drinking tea every now and then.

What I Noticed After A Month
- My shedding has significantly reduced. I am not declaring that it has stopped by a 100% but it has reduced enough for me to get a good night's rest, knowing I am doing everything right to reduce shedding.

- My hair feels stronger. Maybe strengthen is the right word. I am not really sure why it feels that way but it does. Just make sure you seal or use a moisture every time or every other time you use the spray.

- It also feels just a bit softer. This might be as a result of the stiffness I heard black tea makes the hair, so I always endeavor to properly seal it with moisturizing creams or oils. 

- I get to moisturize my hair with water instead a leave-in or mist spray.

- It can act as a refresher on those odd days that the hair needs it.

How Often Should it be Applied
I am a freelance hair person and do whatever I so please but considering the fact that I have read that an overdose of caffeine on the hair can cause stunted growth, I will recommend about three to four times a week.

Am I the only wacko one or has anyone else given this tea hair spray thing a try?