Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hair style moment – Up-do side plait

When I saw this hair style picture on the BGLH blog, I was inspired to post it. I fell in love with this up-do side plait and can't wait for my TWA to get to this length to do it.

This is a picture of Natassia and to read more about her hair click here.

Cheerio United Kingdom, Homeland Here I Come

Enough with it!!! After about a year and half of being back and forth with this decision, I am finally moving back to homeland (Nigeria).

I have spent about three years and four months in the UK and I must say that there are a lot of things I will miss about the UK as there are also a lot of things I will not miss about it. I have resolved to make a list of these things. Let's get started;

v  Easy access to everything shopping
v  More shopping options
v  Free health care
v  My personal space and my new/old friends
v  Endless world restaurant/cuisine to choose from
v  Fast Internet
v  Constant electricity
v  Great transport system
v  Late night outings
v  Diversity in culture and people

v  The synthetic taste of the food and fruits… erghhh
v  The cold/chilly weather and lack of enough summer/sunshine
v  Wearing too much layers because of the cold
v  The lack of community spirit among neighbours/people
v  The awkward weirdness among people in all the public transport system
v  Friday/Saturday morning piss-y odour on the streets
v  Hit and miss friendship
v  Miniature roads, houses, rooms, cars and offices
v  Unruly teenagers
v  Right hand car steer – I never got use to this, still always got in at the wrong side

This is just a list 'off my head' I bet there are more to add in each category that I can't remember. However, at this moment, these are the ones that I can think of. All things good, I will miss London but change is necessary for any kind of growth in life.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A walk down the toilet roll aisle

I was walking down the supermarket aisle of ____ and came across these toilet rolls. I was tempted to buy one of them because I just recently re-visited using shea butter on my body/hair. However, I took a long pause to think about how in God’s name does a shea butter infused toilet make any difference in anyone’s life?

I read through the content on the roll packaging and found nothing to support or highlight the use of shea butter on this toiletry. For sure, no one wants their asses smelling like shea butter. Makes me wonder if things like these are just advertising gimmick or maybe it has a real purpose? I decided not to buy it since I couldn't come up with an explanation for the use of shea butter.

How much thought do you put into the things buying?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Image stunner of the week for 2013

Image by Oscar Ramos

 Image by Oscar Ramos
 Image by Oscar Ramos

These artworks were created by a Chilean artist, Oscar Ramos. He created these vibrant and captivating images to inspire through art the importance of will power when the issue of healthy eating and active lifestyle is concern. For more of this images click here.