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Remaining Confident when Suffering from Acne

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Being confident when suffering from serious skin problems can be very challenging. Going out without makeup is a dare that you are not willing to take. Every time someone sees that problem area of your skin and asks "why is your skin that way?" It takes another jab at your confidence. 

One thing I have found that helps us (Yes, myself included) through this phase is encouraging words from loved ones and family. I think partners, siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends of those suffering from serious skin issues should refrain from highlighting the problem. Trust me, we already know the problem with our skin, we don't need anyone, especially someone dear to us highlighting it.

I use to have the common skin problem as a teenager up to when I was like 21. Then I started eating right, exercising, using over the counter products that seemed to be working, etc., I got a good skin. It wasn't a blemish free skin, but I was satisfied with its progress. However, eight months ago I got into the hair vitamin craze and started taking one of the popular brands (will not mention the brand because I am not trying to bad talk it). My skin went crazy, I went off it after 3 weeks. It has been a downhill movement of my skin from then on. 

My wedding was about few months away, so I got a very high end product that took a plunge at my bank account. The product worked well for me before my wedding. After my wedding I decided to get off it and go back to using something simple. My skin was not having it. It got so bad that I would have over nine large cystic acne on just one side of my chin area. I tried returning back to my high end products, but they didn't work. Nothing worked again. I have never suffered from this kind of severe acne, blemish and spot. (Plus, I must include that my diet was really whack)

To be honest, my confidence was affected. I had to take matters into my hands and change how I felt. My husband was a great help. He reassures me everyday that he sees me more beautiful now than before. He never said a bad thing about my face. 

I am nowhere close to full recovery with my skin but I have been able to get my confidence back by applying these principles below;
  • Talk to your Loved ones about how you feel: When I started getting negative comments from family and friends. I sat them down and politely told them about how their comments don't make me feel any better nor make my face any clearer. Anyone that truly care for you will stop making negative comments after a nice sit-down talk.
  • Avoid those that have nothing good to say to you: You don't need to surround yourself with people that don't make you feel better. If you can't physically avoid them, Keep a safe distance in your communication with them. Strangers opinions don't matter, anyone doesn't have good things to say about you before knowing you, doesn't deserve to be on the list of people's opinions you consider. 
  • Be Kind and Caring to People: You receive what you give out in life. I believe when you help people with kind words, your service or your resource each day, you will feel better about yourself. A feeling of self worth and relevance grows each day. Visit a distressed friend or an ill friend, get treats for your neighbours kids, volunteer to help out at an orphanage, etc. There are always people around us that need our help, identify them and help. You will see how much your confidence will grow.
  • Read Books: This may sound like a cliche, but reading books on self development and growth helps. It doesn't necessarily have to be on skin issues. It just has to be books that impacts you positively and makes you see the world better.
  • Eat healthier and drink more water: This cannot be overemphasized. It may look like you do not see results, just keep eating right and drinking more water. At least you can confidently say you are doing something right. I also believe in time eating right pays off. Reduce your sugar and processed food intakes.
  • Exercise and Always be on the move: Do not sit for too long, do not lie for too long. Move around the house, office and your surroundings. I don't like tedious exercises. I am a restless person, so I tend to move around more. You feel better knowing you didn't just laze around all day doing routine work or doing nothing. Confidence comes when I feel like I have worked my body good at the end of my day.
  • Rest Well: The skin repairs itself when you are sleeping. The longer the hours, the more time the skin has to repair itself. Sleep a minimum of 7 hours every day, don't over do it though because too much of everything is not good.
  • Also Dress Well. Clothes makes us feel better about our appearances

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