Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Common Woman

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I don't want to be tagged a feminist. However, I don't think "the female" should be treated like a lesser being. I don't want a tag to who I Am when it comes to gender. I just believe we should all let our conscience guide our actions, especially when it comes to how we treat each other as human beings. I believe in the The Word "do unto others as you want others to do to you".

That being said, I will like to move on to the reason for this post. We all love and appreciate women that are doing it big in the industries. Women making the headlines, bringing change in their various sectors and exploring waters that are male dominated. These women deserve the standing ovation they get from us aspiring to be like them. However, we should not forget to appreciate the everyday common woman. 

Not all female tailors can be fashion designers with famous brands. If they all are. Who will sew your DA Viva Ankara or Aso ebi materials at affordable rates and within a reasonable time.

Not all caterers/cooks can own a fine dining restaurant like René Redzepi's Noma. If they all had fine dining, who will prepare that delicious firewood jollof rice for your wedding. Or will we all be glad if there was no longer "mama put" spots around?

I know that pepper/vegetable seller and pepper grinder in my estate has saved me from having so many failed dinners. The way they pick and chop that ugwu leaves.... So fast ... I always watch in awe. 

All around me, I see women working hard, trying to sustain their families and making a livelihood for themselves... The Cooks... The Cleaners on street of Lagos and your homes... The fish Sellers... Many are not appreciated because they are not the picture of the success we aspire. The least I can say is about the Common Woman is that she hardly settles to becoming an armed robber, kidnapper or a hoodlum / thug on the street, especially when compared to the Common Man counterpart.
It looks like I am just ranting a lot of words, but I am just trying to shine some form of light on women doing jobs that no one recognizes but yet their non-existence will make life a bit inconvenient for us. 

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  1. Thanks for empowering women and acknowledging them