Saturday, 11 May 2013

Two Month Update

I have been away for a while now and I can give being overloaded with work as an excuse but that is not entirely true as I have even finished watching season 1 – 5 of Breaking Bad US and Castle Season 2 – 4 since my last post. So what exactly have I been up to apart from catching up on TV shows?
  • Travelling (Lagos – Abuja – Yola);
  • Working (some 10am to 5pm things);
  • Bonding with new friends/people (Just started really enjoying the Wats App application on my phone);
  • More cooking ( I can honestly say I spend up to 3 hours every day doing this and trust me it is in no way voluntary);
  • Enjoy reading other blogs; and
  • House chores (since moving back in with my parents, this has become a thing I can’t avoid any longer).

You can all see I haven’t been doing ‘nothing’. Anyways, I intend to have more posts up soon. :)

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