Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not Another Natural Hair Tale

I am trying not to make this blog about my natural hair journey because there are so many bazillions blogs out there about it. However, these past two months have inspired me to write this post. I decided to go natural sometime mid August last year (2012) but I didn't big chop my hair until November. While I was glad that I had B'Ced, I felt very vulnerable and open with a tiny little afro. 


I was so worried about what my family members (especially my mum and dad) will think when they see me. My mum was in no way happy with my new look but because my dad loved it, she didn't give me much hassle. Her greatest concern was that all my ''potential boyfriends/partners'' and/or men will not find me attractive with natural hair. Four months in and my thin, scanty and lifeless hair gained so much volume, life and kinks.

Contrary to my mum's concerns, men have been my greatest supporters. For every lady (a few though) that has asked 'why I cut my hair?' I have had a man come in my defense, even before I could utter a word. I try not to mention to people that I am on short hair because I am going natural, I don't want to start explaining my reasons to closed minded people. 

To my awe, many ladies have approached me to ask how I do it and what they should do when they go natural? I get inspired each day by the number of questions I get from strangers about my hair and the friends around me that have started considering going natural. Another huge inspiration for me these past two months, are two newly acquitted younger teenagers (10 and 12 years old) I have come to know. The 10 years old has been disturbing her mother about cutting off her relaxed hair from the first day she met me. She tells her mother that she want a big chop like mine. Her mother had to eventually do it earlier this week after a month of persistent asking.

The other 12 years old asked her mother about it but she got a big NO. So she decided to do it on her own with a scissors. (What have I done? Don't want to start an army of lil rebels). Her mother is fine with it now though. When I heard the story of these two precious ones, I felt humbled and overwhelmed with joy. Not because I have an issue with relaxed hair but because my actions have inspired people that I didn't make an effort to inspire. I have been considering adding some colours to my hair but with the amount of little eyes around me, I don't think I will do anything too crazy. We don't want mothers holding meetings over my hair and their kids rebellious behaviours. 

So far my hair journey has been a very worth well one. The biggest news of all and the main reason why I decided to do this post - My mother said to me today ''K----! I think I want to go natural like you''. *My mouth drops*

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