Thursday, 6 March 2014

Food Vices 1: Noodles

As much as I try to be an advocate of healthier living, I sometimes stray and find myself lusting after junks like chocolate, warm white bread, sugar coated doughnuts, mountain of party jollof rice and noodles.

In the quest to minimize my consumption of these vices, I incorporate nourishing and super-foods with my vices.

I can not eat any other brand of noodles but the popular Nigerian household brand: INDOMIE (if it is not Indomie, e no go fit be the same thing as Indomie).

When eating this I try to spice it with

- Boiled Egg / Grilled Fish

And the following vegetables

- Bell Peppers (red and green)
- Chilli Pepper
- Onions
- Chopped Cabbage (picture not below)
- Tomatoes (very fresh and still hard)

I add these ingredients when the noodles are almost cooked (like 30 sec or so to well-done). This is to ensure that I don't get rid of the goodness in the vegetables. I use just one Indomie noodles with the following ingredients above added and end up with a satisfied stomach.



  1. This looks yum!

    I'm not so much of a noodles fan though.

  2. I like indomie just like this!