Friday, 22 November 2013


When all seem lost and we feel there is nothing left for us to do, We should never forget the power of being able to dream. YES! I believe dreams come true. The great thing about dreaming is that no one in your dream will have negative or discouraging words to say. 

Dreams are personal and must be treasured. Dreams are what makes the impossible, possible. Dreams are what make many jump out of bed every morning. Dreams give us reasons to strive on and live. 

I believe one stops living when one stops dreaming. So don't stop dreaming. This song by the Everly Brothers remain me of my dreams. I thought I should share. I use to love this song as a child, it use to make me happy. As an adult it inspires me. I think the song was talking about a girl but I interpreted it differently as my goals and aspirations in life. Although I don't intend dreaming my life away. 

Hope you all enjoy it as I do.

1 comment:

  1. I so agree with you!

    Dreaming is the pinnacle of living, of growth.

    And they can be deeply personal.

    As we say in Warri - 'Them no dey follow man drag dream'.

    Me, I shall dream...I shall dream wild and dream big. And many will come true.
    Thank you for the reminder!