Sunday, 11 August 2013

Balanced Diet VS Dieting

It baffles me when a balanced diet keeps being mistaken for dieting. When I was in primary school, I was taught all the classification of food, what a balanced diet meant and why we should have a bit of everything.  Now every magazine and newspaper I flip is always stating how a celebrity got their body through dieting, reading closer I find that all they did was sticking to a balanced diet (in most cases, exempting those other or ridiculous extreme diet plans). This makes me question people’s view of dieting. You are either on a balanced/good diet or an unbalanced/bad diet. A balanced diet is not dieting, it’s just eating right, and the way Mother Nature created you to eat. Also, not over-indulging or over-eating shouldn't be mistaken for dieting. 

At parties or gatherings (in Naija especially), I find it irritating when I turn down food I am offered food again after just being done with one and I hear ''She is dieting''. Thanks for the food offer again, I appreciate your act of kindness but No!! I am not dieting, it's just common sense to not eat more than your body needs. If you have a balanced dieted, you will not need to start dieting. I can’t over-emphasize the fact that a healthy diet should be a way of life and not a trend. Everything in life needs moderation and balance to properly work, eating is no exception. Eat well,  Drink lots of water, Keep moving, Get busy, Sleep well, Love well, Laugh well and Give. 

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