Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You Think You can Trust Brands to Take Care of You. Well Think Again

A friend forwarded an article on this website (unveiled wife) for me to read. I never pass an opportunity to read new blogs/articles websites that help improve on self, body, hair and living generally, so I was very excited to give it a read. Feeling very inspired by the article, I opened the authors bio on the blog. Her story was so moving that I just had to re-post it on my blog. 

I quote a portion of Jennifer Smith's (unveiled wife) full story;

''Despite the doctors telling me I am as healthy as can be, pain seized my body during almost every sexual encounter. I began avoiding intimacy with my husband and eventually he stopped pursuing me, injured by the blow of my rejections. There were a handful of times over the course of 4 years that sex didn't hurt as bad, but it was definitely far less than satisfying. 

During the first few years of marriage I didn't want to talk about my issue too much with others. I had insecurities welling up inside that I was an inadequate wife, unable to please my husband. I convinced myself that others would judge me negatively..... 

I was threatened by the thought of my marriage coming to an end. 

The biggest breakthrough my husband and I experienced happened in November of 2010. We firmly believe that God heard our cries to experience a fulfilling marriage and He responded in a miraculous way. He brought my husband’s attention to a facial cleanser product that I had been applying daily for nearly 8 years.  After researching the ingredients in my face wash, we discovered that there were a handful of harmful chemicals in the product, including parabens. I immediately stopped using anything and everything that contained parabens and within 3 days I noticed a difference. Within a week, my husband and I experienced an easier time during intercourse and within a month we were able to enjoy sex, pain free!''

One wonders how something as little as a facial cleanser that one has trusted for over 8 years can cause such a huge problem in one's life. I will always advocate that it is our responsibility to research and know what we put on and into our bodies. It might seem little and insignificant now but one can't really say when and where these little and insignificant things can pop their head.

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