Monday, 11 February 2013

Place of Serenity

Everyone has a place or more that gives them serenity. It might not necessarily be a place; it might just be a large working space or a tiny bedside table top. Until I can get a proper working space, I have found my bookshelf top to be my micro place of serenity.

My own place

I have my jewelery boxes, flower vase with faux flowers, some travel souvenirs, candles and a collectors box on it. I am not a strictly neatly/tidy person. I will rate myself an average (or a 5/10) on tidiness but when every part of my life and bedroom is in muddles, this bookshelf is always neat and in order. My family members know better than to mess my BS* top.

Also, my sister finds my Dad's room to be her place of serenity. My Dad is usually busy and hardly uses his room except at night to rest. Whenever she says ''I will be at Dad’s room if anyone is looking for me'' we all know better than going there to disturb her. I think she feels very safe and relaxed in his room. It initially started with her hiding there in order to avoid being sent on errands (as the youngest child) but gradually, she found it to be her place.

I believe everyone should have a place where they find calm or just feel relaxed. Some friends find their homes to be that place. When I was an intern and living with a family friend a few years ago in a different city, I found my office cubical to be a place I looked forward to being.

Where do you find to be your place of calm?

*Book shelf

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