Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cheerio United Kingdom, Homeland Here I Come

Enough with it!!! After about a year and half of being back and forth with this decision, I am finally moving back to homeland (Nigeria).

I have spent about three years and four months in the UK and I must say that there are a lot of things I will miss about the UK as there are also a lot of things I will not miss about it. I have resolved to make a list of these things. Let's get started;

v  Easy access to everything shopping
v  More shopping options
v  Free health care
v  My personal space and my new/old friends
v  Endless world restaurant/cuisine to choose from
v  Fast Internet
v  Constant electricity
v  Great transport system
v  Late night outings
v  Diversity in culture and people

v  The synthetic taste of the food and fruits… erghhh
v  The cold/chilly weather and lack of enough summer/sunshine
v  Wearing too much layers because of the cold
v  The lack of community spirit among neighbours/people
v  The awkward weirdness among people in all the public transport system
v  Friday/Saturday morning piss-y odour on the streets
v  Hit and miss friendship
v  Miniature roads, houses, rooms, cars and offices
v  Unruly teenagers
v  Right hand car steer – I never got use to this, still always got in at the wrong side

This is just a list 'off my head' I bet there are more to add in each category that I can't remember. However, at this moment, these are the ones that I can think of. All things good, I will miss London but change is necessary for any kind of growth in life.

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