Thursday, 20 December 2012

Roka Restaurant - Evening Out with the Babes

The babes of the content team decided to try this amazing restaurant called Roka and I must say we had a lovely time. I always know I have had a great dish whenever I feel so sleepy and mellowed out during/after eating. This feeling was experienced at Roka that evening. It was recommended to us by Cat (Check out her blog here). She is great at discovering great Japanese places and things.

Starter - Yakitori - Negima Yaki (Chicken skewers spring onions)

Main dish 1 - Kobuta No Ribs Yawaraka Nikomi (Baby back ribs glazed with spiced master stock and cashew nuts)

Main dish 2 - Kani No Kamameshi (Rice hot pot with king crab and wasabi tobiko)

Drinks: Ginger beer and Water

The Chefs in action. We sat just in front of them.

Babes devouring

I will highly recommend this place. The background music was perfect as it wasn't playing above my low-pitched voice. We were able to chat away and still enjoy the soothing music. I really hate shouting and speaking loud when eating/drinking in restaurants (not an attractive sight). The service was excellent, very friendly staff and environment hygiene was tip top. I can't wait for my next visit, only the thought of it makes me salivate... hmm mm

Which Japanese restaurant have you been to and would you recommend it?

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  1. Great photography, i'm actually just about to finish writing my review on Roka. I'd recommend Buddha Bar (Knightsbridge) and Sake No Hana (St. James Street). The ambience in both places are amazing!