Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thrifting... and a Scarf or Two

I stumbled on this great blog and while reading it, I came across the word 'thrifting'. Alright, call me an illiterate, a dummy or stupid (despite my master degrees) for not knowing this word but I must say that no one I know has ever used it before. So I hopped on goggle to find out the meaning immediately. I was surprised that even though I enjoy a bit of shopping, I didn't know what this word meant...sigh.

Anyway after a good read up on thrifting, I felt ready to do it. Fortunately for me that evening, I was at  Uxbridge shopping mall and just outside the mall, there were tents/kiosks that are never normally there. I am guessing they were there because the festive season (Christmas) is approaching. They sold lots of Christmas candles, wines, scents, nuts and other festive things. I knew this was the time to 'do some' thrifting...yeahoooooo!!!!!

(Source: garryknight
I had a silk scarf a while back but my sister obtained it from me. I wasn't bothered then because I didn't really use it and I wasn't natural yet (hair-wise). However, over the past months getting a silk scarf has been on my mind. DING... As I was going through the various tents, I found one that sold so many hair accessories.  I jumped for joy and dashed to the nearest cash machine to get me some money (in a non-existent Texan accent).

Each scarf was going for 6 pounds or two for 10 pounds. Hell yeah!! I got myself the two above and I intend to have these scarves for many years to come, that is if no one acquires it from me.

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